Open Source Software on this site

deNISTng, deNISTing and digital archiving tools.
Spiderweb, a Postfix policy deamon to catch spamruns.
nmap_wrapper Some nmap wrappers, and a nmap outout filter/formatter.
perlbal-extra-plugins, some old perlbal loadbalancer plugins.
dnscat, a small authoritive dns-server that is made to be invoked with a programmable backend.
2log, a logging / syslog deamon for readonly systems.
mNSCD, a NSCD made to work on read-only systems
ckit, a application that acts as a passwd manager, manages encrypted volumes and does backups and restores.
do_sql, a mysql protocol compatible database server that allows data from different sources to be joined.
a2b, a binary to ascii printable filter, and reverse.
x2y, system to convert from any format to any other format.
getconf, support program to get and set config variables.
milter archiver, a Postfix / sendmail milter deamon for transparant/legal/LI archiving.
imap2sql, IMAPserver that works with a MySQL-server backend.
pop2imap, a POP3server that works with any IMAP-server to provide backwards compatibilty.
imapdeliver, deliver application to replace a procmail that can deliver new mail to any imap-server.
txt2mbox, a tiny deliver that can append mail to a mbox file, for use in cron scripts on systems where a MTA would be overkill.
music_organiser, a collection of small scripts and configs to play and get music.
some small programs such as multee, desktop2mp3, a2b/b2a, desktop2mp3, desktop2mpeg4, uniqname.
nmap_wrapper, a simple nmap wrapper et al.
tortalk, a simple setup for a tor onion chat system that is uninterceptable.

mail paulv (pgp) if you feel the urgent need to do so.

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