readline shortcuts

Posted on Jan 1, 0001

Readline shortcuts

Key Binding Description C-b, C-f Move backward/forward one character M-b, M-f Move backward/forward by word C-a, C-e Move to the beginning/end of the line C-w, M-d Kill word backward/forward C-d, Backspace Delete char forward/backward

C-d may send EOF on an empty line

C-k, C-u Kill (to clipboard) to end of line/beginning of line C-y Yank from kill ring M-y (after C-y) Cycle through kill ring history C-t, M-t Transpose character/word M-u, M-l, M-c Upper, lower, or capitalize forward word C-_, C-x C-u, C-/ Cycle through the undo list

Key Bindings Description M-<, M-> Go to beginning/end of the history list C-r, C-s Reverse/Forward isearch history M-p, M-n Query search backward/forward through history list M-. Yank (insert) last argument C-p, C-n, Up, Down Previous/Next history entry